Who Is amra nor jenkins?: A Story Of Love, War And Wanderlust

Who Is amra nor jenkins?: A Story Of Love, War And Wanderlust


Amra is an amazing girl that has overcome a lot in her short life. She was born to a family of refugees who fled violence in their home country of Liberia. They lived in refugee camps for several years before finally making it to the United States. Amra is now an eighth-grader living in Garden City, Kansas. She is very active in her church and participates in many extracurricular activities. She loves spending time with her family and friends, but also enjoys traveling and exploring new places. Amra is an incredibly brave young lady and her story is an inspiration to everyone.

Who Is amra nor jenkins?

amra nor jenkins is an eight-year-old girl that was born in 2014. Jadarius and Shyheim are her two siblings. amra nor jenkins loves to play outside, make new friends, and dance with them.
What is the Story Behind her Name?
What is the Story Behind her Name?
The name of our company and creature centric stories, she was named amra nor jenkins. Her parents wanted to have a name that sounded like the sound the creature makes when it’s moving or drumming, but also had to be something that would fit with their son Joseph because he is a huge inspiration for them. We are inspired by the number 8 in many ways and believe in taking this bold leap of optimism every day.

A Day in the Life of amra nor jenkins

When amra nor jenkins wakes up, he finds out that Jadarius is already awake and has already eaten breakfast. He gets ready for school, takes the bus and ate lunch at his friends house. When he came home from school, Jadarius was playing with Shyheim. As soon as amra nor jenkins got home from school, dinner was ready in the oven. After dinner, amra nor jenkins did homework until it was time for bedtime.

Today’s Moments

Mainly this website is focused on documenting a father-daughter relationship. It starts with a book called “My Mommy is an Oscar Winner” that can be found here on Amazon, which details their story.

How has traveling impacted her life?

Traveling has impacted her life in that she’s wanting to go on adventures as soon as possible and see places as fast as she can. Her favorite food is chocolate chip cookie dough, chips and guacamole because there’s always room for them in her bag.

They find their mother and return home

amra nor jenkins was born in 2014. She was abandoned by her owner, one of the three other dogs that she lived with had passed away, and the other was very old. They found their mother and returned home

Thoughts about who amra nor jenkins is today

She is now eight years old and not just any eight-year-old girl, but also a viral sensation on YouTube. Whether it’s playing with her siblings or performing other activities, she has gotten over 2.6 billion views on her videos to date.

Conclusion of the story

After a long discussion and conflict, amra nor jenkins was able to convince both of her sister and brother to dress up as princesses for a day.

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